Edong na löö lëb Thur ëka arÏp cukul më Abim dictirck.

Welcome to Lëb Thur Bible translation website.  Ethur Bible translators invite all the Ethur community to be proud and enjoy reading their own language and develop it in writing.

Ethur are found in the district of Abim, North Eastern region of Uganda in close boarder with Lango and Acholi from the west, Teso from the south, Moroto and Kotido from the North and East. Thur is a language spoken by the people called Ethur. It has been tested intelligibly and extensibly with both Acholi and Lango. They are all Nilotic languages and Acholi is the closest to Thur language BUT Thur language is distinct from other Nilotic languages. Thur language is spoken by about one hundred and twenty thousand people in Abim district North Eastern region of Uganda.